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Quality Trophies Terms and Conditions



Providing "Terms and Conditions," and "Privacy Policy" Pages, are suggested best practices by various search engines such as Google, etc. and are provided to both inform and protect the rights of our customers.

Quality Trophies certifies that our website is intended as an information / promotional site, or online brochure, to advertise the products and services provided by our company. That being said, we maintain common web standards in regards to client usage and data collection. We, under no circumstance, monitor or collect client information for the purpose of "spamming," "phishing," or other underhanded endeavors - users concerned with their online privacy may: View our Privacy Policy Here.


Use of Website

This website is the sole property of Quality Trophies and Engraving Ltd.

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Content Protection

All site content, which may include (but is not limited to): copy / text, images, code (PHP, JavaScript, HTML, Ajax, etc.,) - hereafter referred to as "Content" - is protected under Federal and Provincial Copyright Law. Where Images have been Captured from our Suppliers Websites and displayed on our own pages for the purpose of Marketing Our Suppliers Products and Services, Original Copyrights remain with the Original Owners, ie. the suppliers of the products and services. As such, all Content is protected - and may not be used without the Express Written Consent of the afore mentioned owners respectively.


Mobile Device Users

Our Website is Responsive and therefore friendly to mobile device users.

Note: Downloading images and various media over the internet can be "Data Intensive". While we have made every effort to minimize the size of our images and keep our load / server response requests to a minimum - users who are concerned about the impact of viewing our catalogues or photo gallery to their mobile data plans may wish to disable Cellular Data and log on to their home networks or a safe Local Area Network (LAN) before viewing.

Quality Trophies cannot be responsible for excessive image downloads / data usage over a cellular / mobile network and caution users to take appropriate measures as such.

We have provided links to Our Supplier Catalogues which utilize Flash Technology. Flash Technology may or may not be supported by your mobile device. Again, downloading multiple images / pages from our suppliers catalogues may be Data Intensive, and Users are Cautioned to take appropriate measures to prevent excessive data usage to their mobile data plans.


Online Catalogue and Supplier Catalogue Updates

Product Availability and Prices May Change Without Notice!


Online Supplier Catalogues

Online Supplier Catalogues are updated on a yearly basis. We will always provide links to the most recent supplier catalogues on our website.


Quality Trophies Online Catalogue(s)

Quality Trophies is providing our own online catalogue - which is an amalgamation of the pages from our supplier catalagues.

As we are capturing images from the updated supplier catalogues and providing them on our own website to provide a smoother user experience, there may be some "lag" between the publishing of the new catalogues and the time it takes to update our site.

Only pages that have changed in the new catalogues will be updated on our website.

The Page Images posted to our own online catalogue are for demonstration / example purposes only, and in the event of a discrepancy between the images posted on our site and the current online catalogues published by our suppliers (either in price, product availability, product information, etc.), the online supplier catalogues shall prevail.

We provide current links to the online supplier catalogues, and customers may double check or confirm prices and product availability prior to ordering. Our experienced sales staff can also provide solutions in the event of a discrepancy.

Please Note: We are providing our own online catalogue as a courtesy to our customers that prefer to search one online resource instead of multiple supplier catalogues - we provide such a service with the understanding that it will take a bit of time to make the required updates on a yearly basis.


For any questions regarding our Terms and Conditions, please Contact Quality Trophies with your concerns.