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Quality Trophies is proud to offer one of the largest selection of trophies and awards in the Calgary Alberta area.


Quality Trophies now offers three online Award Catalogues.

Simply click the Catalogue Images below to view the online resources.


* Catalogues utilize Flash Technology and may not be available on some mobile devices

Awards of Distinction
Online Awards & Trophy Catalogue


Activity Brochures
Online Awards & Trophy Catalogue


Awards And Recognition
Online Awards & Trophy Catalogue


Quality Trophies Own Online Catalogue

As many of our customers have notified us that they would prefer to browse a Single Catalogue with the majority of the products available in one place, we've taken the liberty of making screen captures of the pages in the Awards of Distinction and Awards and Recognition Catalogues (around 340 images) and organized them by Product and Category. Our customers may now choose a Category like "Hockey" or "Medals", and browse both catelogues at once!

* Mobile users may wish to disconnect cellular data and log on to a Local Area Network (LAN) before viewing Catalogues to avoid excessive data usage.

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1. Select your Category

Hover your mouse over the Category Text until it turns white, then Click on the White Category Text to expand or contract the Accordion and view the Catalogue Pages within.

Click to Enlarge

2 - Click on Any Image

Once the Category has expanded, you will now see product pages. Click on Any Product Page Thumbnail to View a Larger Version of that Page and to View the Products on that Page.

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3. View the Awards, Select Awards, and Navigation

3A) Use the Right ">" or Left "<" Arrow Icons on the page to Navigate to the Next or Previous Page(s).
If either of the arrow icons fail to appear, you've reached the end of the category in that direction. Click the opposite arrow to scroll back through the pages, or to Exit the Large Page View - See 3B below.

3B) To EXIT the Large Page View, click on the white "X" at the bottom right of the page, or simply click anywhere on the dark area surrounding the image.

3C) When you find an award that appeals to you, Note the information at 3C... which includes the Category Image Number, the Catalogue the Image was taken from, and the Page Number within the Catalogue. Eg. Hockey 02 (Category and Image Number), Awards of Distinction (Catalogue Name), Page 005 (Page Number of Catalogue).

3D) Record the Product Number listed below the Award on the page, you will need the information from 3C and 3D when placing your order or calling for more information.


Note: If you need to Zoom in on a page, use (CTRL)(+) and (CTRL)(-) (Control Plus and Control Minus) keys to Zoom In (+) or Out (-) on the webpage when using a desktop or laptop computer. (CTRL)(0) or (Control Zero) Resets the Webpage to its default resolution. The standard (pinch) and (expand) methods on mobile devices will work as well.

You may still Note the Catalogue Name and Page Number and view your products at a higher resolution from the suppliers website listed above. Flash Technology may not be viewable on your mobile device.