Quality Trophies - Privacy Policy


Quality Trophies Private Policy


Does Quality Trophies Collect My Information?

Quality Trophies is a Local Business, and as such, only requires standard information necessary to complete physical transactions within our store.


What Types of Information may be Collected?

Information Collected at the time of ordering (or purchase) may include: customer name, phone number, email address, address, and possibly a credit card number (when a deposit or payment is required).

NOTE: Quality Trophies Does NOT Request "Sensitive Information," such as Credit Card Information, by Email. If such information is required, we would ask that you phone us directly or physically stop by our store.


Is My Info Protected?

We respect Your Right to Privacy!

Any information that is collected is for the sole use of Quality Trophies (and employees representing Quality Trophies) for the purpose of communication, and to complete sales transactions.

We Do Not sell, or make client information available, to Third Parties, List Promoters, Online Marketers, etc. for the use of unsolicited contact, whether via the internet or by other means. In other words, we do not support or contribute to Spam!

Quality Trophies reserves the right to provide occasional emails to our customers to inform them of pertinent news or relative updates to our website, store, etc.. Customers who wish to be excluded may simply notify us, and we will be happy to remove your email from future mailings.


For any questions regarding our Privacy Policy, please Contact Quality Trophies with your concerns.